• The decision of Council of Ministers No. (103)


    The East Chamber presents its compliments; this is to inform you that we received a letter from Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ/ 1222 ) dated ( 25/04/1435) referred to the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry No. ( 26/70/20/30/1/586 /ع)dated ( 04/11/1435 ) which states the issuance of cabinet Decision No. ( 103 ) dated ( 19/03/1435 ):
    First, requiring facilities and activities with high risk places that are packed with the public - whether civil or government -run companies or civil institutions - insurance against third parties .
    Second: The Council of Civil Defense - at the suggestion of the General Directorate of Civil Defense - Identify facilities and activities referred to in clause ( i) of this resolution, and the issuance of a decision to do so.
    Third: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency approval of formulas and models for insurance policies , according to what is stipulated in the control system of Cooperative Insurance Companies .
    Fourth, specializes in the General Directorate of Civil Defense to ensure a permanent basis of insurance coverage on the structures and activities of civil -risk high audience , so when the license for the operation of the business or activity , or the renewal of its license .
    Fifth, include the conditions of competition - to manage the facilities or activities of government or high -risk densely audience - text required companies or NGOs cooperative insurance liabilities when awarding them.​

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