• The date of the companies categorizing and consulting engineering offices to access the governmental competitions


    ​Sirs / the respected participants of the Chamber

    Peace and blessings of God


                 Asharqia Chamber  present its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of  the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs number (11234) date (06/03/1438 ), referring to the ministerial statement No. (26171) date (5.28.1437), on the date of the requirement of companies classification and consulting engineering offices to access  the government competitions dated 06/01/1438.

    And  the work is ongoing to improve a mechanism for classifying companies and consulting engineering offices in with the national transformation program and the 2030 vision for the progress of engineering consultancy sector.

    So, it was decided to postpone the date of the requirement of classifying companies and engineering consultancy offices to access the government competitions dated 01/06/1438 until the formation of enough group of consultants to meet the market needs and to achieve fair competition, the consultant has to bring a testimony approved by the Deputy Ministry of classification of contractors stating that he applied for classification to enter government competitions on the date 01/01/1439.

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