• The authority has noted that some refrigerated meat consignments were not fulfilled


    Dears/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received a letter from the Food and Drug General Authority No. (2849 / P) dated (01/28/1442) regarding the continuous follow-up of what is received in the Kingdom of food products. The Commission noted that some of the consignments of chilled meat (carcasses and their parts) were not fulfilled. With a light breathable fabric (unpacked) for some technical requirements of the technical regulations and conditions, including the following:

    (SFDA.FD / GSO323 General Requirements for Transportation and Storage of Chilled and Frozen Food).
    (SFDA.FD / GSO815 Hygienic Practice Guide for Processing, Transport, Handling, and Storage of Fresh Meat).
    (SFDA.FD / GSO997 chilled and frozen beef, buffalo, lamb, and goat).
    (SFDA.FD / GSO996 Fresh Beef, Buffalo, Lamb, and Goat).
    Conditions for importing meat from countries affected by FMD stipulated in the Health Code for Terrestrial Animals of the World Organization for Animal Quota (OIE).

    Accordingly, the Authority confirms that it is fully committed to the following requirements and conditions:
    1. The pH of the meat, when shipped for export to the Kingdom, must not be less than (6.2).
    2. That the carcasses and their chilled parts be wrapped and packed in a sufficient way to achieve protection during transport, storage, and handling inappropriate ways, including, for example:
    Plain packing cellophane notched plastic bags
    For vacuum packing plastic.
    Carton boxes.

    3. The consignment should be accompanied by a data logger to measure the temperature, activated from the time of shipment of the consignment from the country of origin to measure the temperature of the meat so that it is easy to use and does not require programs to read the data and keep the data for a sufficient period that covers the expected time for the shipment to arrive at the importer's warehouse. Or sales centers and clarify the serial number (Serial Number) of the temperature recorder in the purchase invoice data.​

    4. Full commitment to securing cars equipped to transport chilled meat in which the temperature is identical to the conditions of transport for chilled meat, and the cooling device is in operation before loading the meat in it from the access points to the warehouses or sales centers, and that the persons trading the meat meets the health conditions and of a high degree To be clean, and to wear protective clothing, a hood, and gloves.

    Note that, starting from (01/01/2021), the authority will take legal measures against violators in the event of non-compliance, and affirm all relevant importers to abide by these technical requirements, to avoid rejecting the consignments after the specified period has expired​.

    Sincerely Regard

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