• The Saudi Technical Regulations for Calories in the List of Meals of Food Establishments.


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    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / T 2899) dated 2/12/1439, which referred to the letter of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority No. (1680 / AS) dated 25/11 / 1439, which includes reference to the role of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in the protection of the public health of the consumer by reducing the risks associated with food and raise the level of food awareness of the community, and the importance of knowing the nutritional values of products and beverages provided by food establishments that provide food outside home, and the importance of providing nutrition information to the consumer to enable him to choose the appropriate meals by knowing the amount of calories and nutritional information in meals and drinks that are provided outside the home, through updating the Saudi Technical Regulations (SFDA.FD2233) as the nutritional information is required to be on the card.


     It hopes that all the concerned parties to abide by the Saudi technical regulations for calorie intake in the list of food and meals in the food establishments.​

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