• Surveying the opinions of the private sector in constructing a foundational framework for the sustainability of Saudi companies.


    ​Gentlmen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber extends its warmest greetings to you and informs you of receiving a letter from the Saudi Chambers Union, number (45103026), dated (5/7/1445 AH). The letter refers to the communication received from the Ministry of Commerce regarding a survey on the opinions of the private sector in establishing a foundational framework for Saudi companies regarding the cost of sustainability reports. This is within the framework of a working group for the development of institutional sustainability policies, as part of ongoing efforts to enhance national standards for sustainability reporting.

    The survey focuses on understanding the costs of implementing sustainability reports by those responsible for their preparation. It aims to include a wide range of companies to ensure comprehensive data for enriching the study. The insights gained from the survey results are expected to significantly contribute to the development of sustainability reporting requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The Union hopes that those concerned and individuals with relevant interests participate in this survey through the following link or by scanning the barcode below: (http://go.ac.sa/ac5).​


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