• Studying the needs of the wheat and gluten allergy patients


    Peace and blessings

              Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of  the receipt of the letter the Council of Saudi Chamber No. (2431) date (11/9/1438), referring to the letter of the Ministry of Trade and Investment No. (45978) date (9/9/1438 e), about the formation of committee from the ministries (health, labor, social development, trade and investment, public institution grain, the General Authority for food and drug Administration), to study the needs of with wheat allergy patients, and as mentioned  in the fourth item (the Ministry of trade and investment, and the Ministry of municipal and rural Affairs to encourage the private sector to contribute to this aspect and to promote its role in society and the investment service in food gluten free products by the establishment of bakeries and factories In order to cover the growing need for these products.

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