• Study of the annual report of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality for the fiscal year


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/3608) dated (4/11/1434)and referred to the letter of the General Customs (84637) dated (27/10/1434) and (36420) dated (2/10/1434) on approval of the minutes of the Committee of experts of the governmental authorities responsible for examining the annual report of the Saudi Commission for specifications, standards and quality of the financial year (2010/2011) which included the competent inspection, testing and monitoring and take all necessary actions to ensure they conform to specifications before entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reduce counterfeit and adulterated and re-exports which are accompanied by a certificate of conformity, not in labs for testing, where the General Customs will put this topic as of date (1/1/1435) to give importers sufficient time to arrange before the actual application.
    Please abide by the importers and that the mission will be no if it is not available in labs to be tested in the laboratory, if accompanied by a certificate issued by an accredited in the country of origin or source, that it correspond to the approved specifications.​

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