• Starting the working on the inclusion of cosmetic products-mail system


    The EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you that we received a letter from theCouncil of Saudi Chambersnumber(ش.غ/ 710) dated(03/02/1436),referredto theletter ofthe General Authority forFood and Drugnumber(6395/ع(ص)) dated(24/2/1436 )referredtostart working onthe inclusion ofbeauty-mailsystem products(eCosme), whichwas inauguratedon(28-11-1435e),taking into accountto facilitate thestarton theusers ofthese systemsand to facilitate themandatory applicationto her,thebodyin the process ofstartingthe application ofe-insertionmandatoryonbeauty productsand importedlocallymanufacturedbased on thetype of productas of the date(12Jumada II1436Hcorresponding toApril 1, 2015m), though itcan befor all companiesto apply forinclusioncurrentlyits products throughnon-mandatoryperiod,asrequiredfactoriesandwarehouseslocalbeauty productsobtainedlicensesfrom the Commissionfor the inclusion oftheir products.
    The Councilhopes toschedule arelationshipwiththeir productsand startinsertingnote that theproducts listedin the year2015will be exemptfromthe physicalcontrasttothe inclusion ofproducts,wherethe sectorwill be holdingworkshopsinductionsystemduring the coming periodtherewill be amainstreamappendthis regard.
    For more informationandto identify theinclusion ofbeauty products ineCosmesystemplancancommunicate withthe inclusion ofcosmeticproductson the followingtransfersManagement(5116 - 5788-5737).​

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