• Some of the Saudi Arab products exported to Free Trade Area states Members of the Greater Arab face difficulties


    The East Chamber presents its compliments; this is to inform you that we received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ / 2348) dated  (07/08/1435), referred to a speech in which Saudi Customs number (73 696) dated (05/08/1435 ), containing the benefitobserving the competent authorities at the Customs Department that some Saudi products exported to the Arab countries members of the Free Trade Area of ​​the Greater Arab face difficulties and sometimes imposed on each customs duties of some of the Arab member states, given that the Kingdom is committed to the exemption from customs duties for products of Arab origin from StatesArab members of the Free Trade Area of ​​the Greater Arab under the terms of a limited agreed in the framework of the Free Trade Area of ​​the Greater Arab, and the interest of the Saudi Customs to find the Kingdom's exports in all facilities and privileges granted under the Free Trade Area of ​​the Greater Arab, has created on its Web site (www.customs.gov.sa) link under the name of "the difficulties faced by Saudi products in the Arab countries," where it can be for people affected by restrictive practices that apply in the Arab member states of Saudi exports to submit their complaints by visiting the link above was mail, you will manageprograms and international agreements to pursue the interests of the General Customs what is being observed and take the necessary action.
    For more information, please visit the room at the following address: (www.chamber.org.sa), you can also communicate with the Customs Department via e-mail: (conventios@customs.gov.sa)​

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