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    ​Gentlemen/importers and exporters through ports


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you of receiving it the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (L / L / 1064) and the date (7/5/1441 AH), referred to in the letter of the General Customs Authority No. (041989 - 41-184) and the date (4 / 5 / 1441H) that the Saudi customs are in the process of launching a project to reserve appointments for trucks in the land ports, as this service aims to organize the movement of goods transport from and to the land ports with ease and ease in a short time, which contributes to stimulating the operation in the land ports with full capacity over the course of Today, it speeds up truck entry and exit, increases the operating capacity of the outlets, and this service will be implemented over A solution where it will be applied in the first stage in the following ports.
    ​King Fahd Bridge port for trucks issued or transiting the Kingdom of Bahrain on (20/5/1441), corresponding to (15/1/2020 e).​​​

    King Fahd Bridge port for trucks issued or transiting the Kingdom of Bahrain on (20/5/1441), corresponding to (15/1/2020 ).

    Al-Bataha port for trucks coming from the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom or with the intention of passing through the territory of the Kingdom on (20/5/1441 AH) corresponding to (15/1/2020 AD) and trucks issued or transiting to the United Arab Emirates on (5/6/1441 AH) Corresponding to (30/1/2020 AH).

    Therefore, importers and exporters who are interested in this matter, as well as transport companies and customs brokers, should take advantage of this service and to achieve streamlining and flexibility in the movement of trucks and initiate registration through a clearing platform (www.fasah.sa), knowing that entry or exit from these two ports will not be permitted until after Completing the appointment process, and you will be provided with the other stages later. For inquiries, contact Mr. Mutasim Al-Dakhil at the General Customs Authority on mobile number (0565080540) or email (m.aldakhayel@customs.gov.sa)​

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