• Registration of pharmaceutical generic drug sector


    The EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you about the letter from theCouncil of Saudi Chambersnumber(ل و ي/د/ 922) dated(03/21/1436),referreditto theletter ofthe General Authority forFood and Drugnumber(9585/ع) dated(17/3/AH1436),included thetestimonyfrom the pharmaceutical sectorAuthorityone-mailforSidr(sdr.drug@sfda.gov.sa)when recordingpharmaceuticalgenericdrug sector,seededas the firstgeneric,or secondonlytothe innovativeformulationthatsendsthe trade nameof the product,Referenceand number,anditneeded tobe completed.
    For furtherinquiry,communicate withthe pharmaceutical sectorof the General AuthorityforFood and Drug Administration.​

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