• Regional Conference for Fraud Examiners



    Dears/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the Saudi Anti-Fraud Association letter No. (210116-SAFA-0012) dated (9/8/1442) In the context of its role to assist facilities in preventing and combating fraud, and to support in qualifying specialized cadres trained in the field of fraud examination and detection who have theoretical knowledge and practical ability to apply them skillfully and with awareness of the professional responsibility and behavioral characteristics that the examiner must exhibit, and I would like to inform you that the International Society of Fraud Examiners ACFE will hold the Regional Conference for Fraud Examiners 2021 in the Middle East, via the virtual network - the Internet - from 25 to 26 Shaaban 1442 AH corresponding to 7 to 8 April 2021. 

    The association is looking forward to attending the conference and participating in its activities, and to consider subscribing through one of the attached distinct packages that include attending the association, which is hoped to have a positive and direct impact in supporting the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in combating fraud, and for more information, you can visit the association's website: (www.saudiantifraud.org), or call (0502127157).​


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