• Recommendations to request detection and inspection devices for events and events


    Gentlemen/institutions and companies, organizing events and celebrations​


    ​Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Ministry of Interior - General Security No. (21/3/1697 / ADSM) and the date (04/14/1441 AH) referred to in the Circular of the Director of the Eastern Region Police No. (21/16/71004) And the date (05/11/1440 AH) based on the circular of His Excellency the Director of Public Security No. (1916) and the date (1/5/1440 AH) based on the directive of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior (God’s keepers) Al-Barqi (79564) dated (10/4/1440 AH) ).

    Concerning what is received by the public security from ministries, government bodies and institutions by requesting to secure the sites of celebrations and exhibitions that are provided by senior officials of the state and their guests with technical equipment (devices and gates for detection and inspection) that are entrusted to the competent authority on the condition of scientific areas to inspect and secure them

          Whereas, a committee has been formed from the competent authorities of the General Security to find a mechanism for securing and specifying the technical facilities and listing the sites of celebrations and exhibitions in which events (tourism, social, entertainment, competitions, exhibitions and conferences) are held, which are not available for detection and inspection devices.

    And they must abide by the organizers of the events and celebrations to secure the following equipment (detectors bags by radiation (X), detection of weapons and metal gates, portable devices for the detection of weapons and minerals), and to abide by the authorities supervising those events to provide operators of civil guards and providing them with the means and equipment that enable them to perform their work.​

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