• Project documentation for obtaining the mandatory qualifications from outside the Kingdom


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ل و ي/4060) date (24/12/1434), which referred to the letter of the Saudi Commission for health specialties (003394/13) (12/11/1434) containing the start of the implementation of the second phase of project documentation for obtaining the qualifications from outside the Kingdom, when the registration is never required rated qualifications documented through dataflo when applying for registration, classification or where the first two stages Riyadh began on Tuesday (25/11/1434) ^ (1/10/2013), and the second in the rest of the Kingdom from Tuesday (3/1/1435 e) ^ (3/12/2013).     For more information, please refer to the website (www.scfhs.org) and a website (www.dfscfhs.com) to get all the details and procedures for authentication to complete and attach a proof with the request for registration, note that the documentation for any qualification is only one time when rating or re-registration, and can print the voucher from the website of the company after the completion of the steps.​

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