• Procedures for the reduction of the harmful effects of energy drinks


    The east Chamber presents its compliments; this is to inform you that we received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ/ 2034) dated ( 07/12/1435) , referred to the letter of the General Authority for Food and Drug number ( 25234 /ع(ص)) on (17 /6/1435  ) and based on the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (176 ) dated ( 05/02/1435) , containing the procedures for the reduction of the harmful effects of energy drinks , which includes the cabinet decision as follows:
    1 - prohibits advertising of any energy drink or campaigning advertising or promotional in any media outlet Readable or audible or visual or any other means including removing paintings propaganda of shops , cars and roads and all that refers to the advertising and promotion of the drink , whether directly or indirectly .
    2 - Prohibited from doing under the auspices of any sporting event , social or cultural or done anything to promote their cause .
    3 - prohibits the distribution of free energy drinks to consumers of all age groups .
    4 - prohibits the sale of energy drinks in restaurants and canteens in government facilities and education and health facilities , lounges, sports clubs, public and private .
    5 - must be adhered to by typing the text of the warnings of the following - in Arabic and English - on the packaging in a clear and prominent and in a different color and unprecedented word (Warning ) line equivalent of the weakness of the line components that any person can easily read : ( not for this product any health benefit and drink  more than two cans per daymay lead to damage to your health and warn that this product addresses the pregnant and lactating women and those who are less than sixteen years old and suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes ,  sensitive to material Alkvaian and athletes during exercise ) .
    6 - Should be displayed products energy drinks in refrigerators or shelves dedicated her separated from the beverages and other food products and writes on refrigerators or shelves devoted to those drinks in stores public warnings written on the packaging, to be in a clear and prominent and unprecedented word (warning ) .
         So Council hopes of everyone to adhere to the above, note that it will be given to manufacturers and importers of energy drinks deadline for 120 days from the date of the decision and with respect to the procedures advertising and ending on the date ( 09/02/1435 e) and 180 days , with respect to modification warning on the packaging expires on( 02/11/1435 e) , where it is after the deadline will be the application of sanctions by the system.​

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