• Organizing forums and conferences and meetings of international economic and trade or local


    Greeting from the Chamber, this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (أ.م. 4034) dated (19/12/1434), which referred to the high precious orders of (9388/) dated (27/7/1426) (7739/م ب) dated (5/9/2007) which specifies the role of the Council of Saudi Chambers, holding forums and conferences on economic or international or domestic trade held within the Kingdom and outside involvement. So the Board hopes to provide plan forums and conferences for the year 2014 to be held by you, through the website of the Council of Saudi Chambers (www.csc.org.sa) and download the application form for initial approval and fill out a form for each event and then send it to the Council via email enclosing a copy of the commercial registration of the organization including the activity of organizing conferences, and would consider any request by these models are supported by the national program of exhibitions and conferences.
    Note that the deadline for receiving applications is Monday (28/1/1435 ) ^ (1/12/2013).
    All requests will be referred to the national program of exhibitions and conferences for the approvals necessary to establish.​

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