• Organize the work of employment offices in Kenya


        Greeting from the Chamber, this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ل و/ع س/4021) dated (18/12/1434), set to reopen the recruiting of the Republic of Kenya for the national recruitment Committee would like to note that due to the lack of organization of the work of the employment offices send Kenya, failed to meet its obligations with recruitment offices before the suspension received a lot of complaints for the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Nairobi, As well as the National Committee for international recruitment and loss of civil rights employment agencies in the Kingdom with its counterparts in Kenya and therefore loss of citizen rights, employer, and delaying the arrival of employment and discuss those differences by the Commission and the Nairobi Embassy found no contract regulates the relationship between the parties and defines responsibilities.      To avoid such problems, and regulate the contractual relationship between the recruitment offices and offices of the transmission of Kenya, the National Committee for international recruitment Council takes civil offices and companies that the new mechanism would be as follows:
    1.      Sign a consolidated link contract between the KSA Council  and the Kenya.
    2.        Obtain a letter of credit link from the National Committee for international recruitment Council, directed to the Embassy in Nairobi. We also wish to take note that the cost of hiring domestic workers between 900-1100 dollars and your driver $ 400, and the domestic worker's monthly wage of 800 riyals, and your driver 1200 SR with food and housing, the Committee hopes everyone that lack of opportunity cost and monthly pay for recruiting brokers raise the cost and exploit Office owner and citizen.​

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