• Organization of the work of women in shops selling women's necessities


       The Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.ق/1785) dated (17/6/1435), referred to the letter of the Undersecretary of Ministry of labor no. (1/8/1/1237) dated (7/6/1435), containing a reference to the decision of the Minister of labor (2802) dated (29/5/1435) on the third phase of organizing women's work in shops selling women's necessities, with the dates of the feminization of the following women's accessories women's perfumes, accessories (maternity, jalabiya, Shoes, bags, women's socks, women's clothing, textile).
    He noted that the resolution was passed at the Royal command (a/121) dated (2/7/1432) and decision of the Council of Ministers No. (120) dated (12/4/1425) on increasing opportunities for women, and that the resolution contains several items have been drawn from the evaluation of the first and second phases and also according to the Ministry of development of business proposals, received from the public consultation and proposals from interested parties through the gate together.      He hoped the Council of business enterprises on the implementation of this resolution to work, for the resolution and for more information you can visit our Web site at: (www.chamber.org.sa), and if there are any questions or if you need to hold workshops or meetings with Ministry officials to explain the rationale for the decision and its application can communicate and coordinate with Mr. Hussein Al-Qahtani, head of the labor market Board to coordinate with the Ministry in this regard on the phone (2182151) e-mail: (halqahtani@csc.org.sa).​

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