• No names of Allah on the bags and containers are prone to abuse


      The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter from Saudi Chamber Council (ش.غ/154), referred to the letter of the Ministry of trade and industry (267/9/3/244/ع) dated (9/1/1435), containing the Ministry speech by Director General awareness and orientation to the General Presidency for the promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice (330159910) and date (19/12/1434) about their virtue, Director General of the branch Presidency in Riyadh for communication (330159910) dated (3/11/1434) In the many shops by typing the names of Allah on the bags and containers are prone to abuse, It was directed by his Royal Highness the Minister of the Interior (21016) dated (17/3/1407) contained no writing in the name of God to all papers and containers where it belongs to them, as well as the dissemination of his (1852) dated (12/12/1995) based on the speech of the Mufti (3/2) dated (14/5/1995) contained in the Standing Committee examined the names of Allah and his attributes in multiple places for abuse prevention held that honor and the honor of the names of God Almighty, And he wanted his adoption and remove what is there.    
     The Board wishes not to place names that contain the name of the wrappers, bags and containers that doomed to humiliation for the 99 names of Allah.​ ​

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