• Nathan Norman establishment of the so-called Council of Gulf Malaysian businessmen


       The Chamber presents its compliments thus is to inform you that we received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.خ/م.ل/1635) dated (3/6/1435), referred to by the Federation of GCC Chambers (ع غ/خ/254) dated (3/3/2014) referred to a letter the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and industry in U.A.E. (75/ش/810) dated (8/10/2013) about the so-called Norman Nathan founded the so-called ' Malaysian Gulf Business Council ' appointed himself as secretary general , using the Council's alleged personal goals, He usually speaks on behalf of the Council formally with the official authorities in Malaysia.
         In this regard, the General Secretariat of the GCC Chambers Union connect with a number of sources that confirmed that the so-called Norman try doing business with the Kingdom of Bahrain which left and leave the financial claims on the sponsor of the Kingdom of Bahrain.      And of the Council of Saudi Chambers and similar bodies in the Member States and the Union of GCC chambers not to exploit the name of the Council States and the organizations and bodies of the private sector in the Gulf, we urge you and all companies, institutions and private sector businesses to be cautious in dealing with the above and others like it, under any capacity.​

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