• Missionaries to facilitate the procedures that adhere to the regulations and instructions of their owners


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform  you that we received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/1628) dated (3/6/1435), referred to the letter of the General Customs (47457) dated (18/5/1435) that from the General Customs Administration sought in facilitating procedures for missions which by regulations, instructions and provisions of the control of the various missions in order to strike a balance between facilitating trade and customs control on the other hand, the actors and the importance of the full parameters of vehicles being imported.
     So the Board wishes all car dealers, exhibitions, vehicle importers and customs clearance offices interested in vehicle engines should add numbers contained within the Customs card data from model ' 2015 '.      Note that the Customs card will be rejected for any vehicle model ' 2015 ' unless the engine number of the vehicle within the card data.​

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