• Korean FSA Decision


      The Chamber presents its compliments guide this to inform you that we receive the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (No.ش.غ/2897) dated (25/10/1435 ), referred to the letter of the Ministry of trade and industry no. (26/70/20/30/2/1676) dated (17/10/1435) containing a report received by the Ministry of Foreign Ministry (11/2/272447), dated (2/10/1435) containing the decision of the financial supervision authority in Korea today (21/7/2014) restructuring (34) a Korean company borrowed more than 50 billion Korean won (21company ) works in Building and construction, the report describe these companies into two groups: the Group (a): includes 11 companies including four companies operating in construction, one company engaged in shipbuilding and other iron and steel, the group must reach an agreement with creditors to implement the restructuring program. Group (b): includes (23) company, is a group of companies is unlikely to agree to any creditor institutions and often would be the protection of the Court, and these companies (17) a company engaged in construction and shipbuilding.​

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