• It has been observed in the local market with the continued trading of beauty products


    Respected / owners of beauty products stores


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you about receiving a letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (No. SG / 1759) dated 23/6/1439. It states that the Council received the letter of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (No. 30457 / AS) dated 19/6/1439. It was on what was observed in the local market of the continued trading of beauty products in violation of the non-compliance of the establishments with the system of beauty products and its executive regulations. The Board of Directors of the Authority adopted a list of violations of the cosmetic products system and its executive regulations and the penalties imposed on the violators No. (36191 / S) dated 16/9/1437.


    Accordingly, the Authority affirms the need to adhere to the cosmetic products' rules and its executive regulations, and to comply with them.​

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