• It is the duty of social responsibility, which is pivotal to the success of a specific private sector organizations


     The East Chamber presents its compliments; this is to inform you that we received a letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ/ 1167) dated ( 20/04/1435) referred to the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry No. (29255 ) dated ( 28/03/143) , containing as it is the dutysocial responsibility , which has become a pivotal determinant in the success of private sector organizations , and to promote a positive fruitful cooperation between the ministry and the private sector , and in response to the offer of private sector enterprises and facilities cuts for the citizens of our dear country .
    At the request of the ministry circular to all companies, institutions and commercial General organizations to provide the Ministry of Social Affairs cuts and facilities to the beneficiaries and the beneficiaries of the services the ministry through the Social Security Agency and the Agency for Social Welfare , Family and Social Development Agency of orphans and the disabled and the elderly, widows and divorced women and those with special circumstances and the needy and the poor and the like , as well asfor employees of the ministry staff and employees in that it offers will be circulated on the office of the ministry and its branches in various regions of the Kingdom , and all the beneficiaries of the services of the ministry
    And coordinate around that can communicate with the Director General of public relations and social media ministry on Mobile number (0555541909) as well as phone and fax number Administration ( 0,114,771,456 ) .​

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