• Issuing the Royal Decree on some environmental violations


    ​Dear/ subscribers of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with the best greetings and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (2747) dated 10/11 / 1439H, which referred to the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment No. (54964) dated (6/11/1439) concerning the issuance of the Royal Decree No. 54694 dated 16/10/1439 that includes the public bodies and stakeholders - in the General Regulations of the Environment - that exercises any activity of different environmental, or supervises projects with environmental impacts, works in the field of protection and development of natural resources, or authorizes industrial and development projects that have potential adverse/ negative effects on the environment with the following:


    -Coordination with the competent authority to ensure compliance with the environmental assessment study in accordance with the environmental principles and standards specified in Annex 2 of the General Regulations of the Environment.


    -Obligate its affiliates and projects that are established, supervised or authorized to submit an environmental impact assessment study to the competent authority.


    -Affirmation of what is stated in paragraph (3) of the High Decree No. (13662)

     (20/3 / 1439H), which includes "enabling the observers of the General Authority for Meteorology and Environment Protection to enter the facilities for inspection, control pollution levels, and access to the application of the general system of the environment."​

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