• Investment opportunities currently available in Yanbu Industrial City


    ​       Asharqia Chamber presents its greetings and informs you of the letter of the Royal Committee in Jubail and Yanbu (No. 246/8)   about the investment opportunities available to investors and businessmen to contribute to the advancement of economic development and payment. The march of the private sector for the public interest, and reference to the announcement No. (28) on the investment opportunities currently available in Yanbu Industrial City (from the operation of residential units - operation of the workforce complex - commercial complex - the center of passenger services) and other promising opportunities, A local newspaper, and the desire of the Commission to reach announcement to the general investors and businessmen.

    he investor relations website at investors@rcyanbu.gov.sa. If you have any questions, please contact the Investor Relations Department at 0143216929 Fax: 0143216046 Email: IR @ rcyanbu. gov.sa

  • Investment opportunities currently available in Yanbu Industrial City


    Sirs / the respected participants of the Chamber

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God


          Asharqia Chamber  presents its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of
    of the Royal Committee of Jubail and Yanbu No. (6000/359) date (25/11/1437 e), referred it to No. (24) for currently available Industrial investment opportunities in Yanbu (establishment and operation of a family apartments – multi use buildings – A hospital) and other promising opportunities that have been advertised in local newspapers, wishing to access to the public announcement of investors and businessmen.

        There for, the Committee hopes of  the interested investors to look at the investment opportunities in Yanbu Industrial City, through direct visit to the website of the Department of Investor Relations (investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa) In case of any inquiry we hope to coordinate with the  investor relations phone number (0143216929) fax number (0143216046) email (IR@rcyanbu.gov.sa).

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