• Inspection campaigns on shops and warehouses selling air conditioners


     The East Chamber presents its compliments, this to inform you that we received a letter from Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ/ 1209) dated (04/24/1435), which referred to a attach letter number (ش.غ/ 870) dated (03/25/143), and based on the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry No. ( 267/9/1/2296 /ع) dated ( 15/03/1435) that the ministry included the effect of ( 02/29/1435 AH corresponding to 01/01/2014 AD ) has commencedinspection campaigns on shops and warehouses selling air conditioners to verify compliance card energy efficiency and seized large quantities of air conditioners violation.
         We inform you that the Council responded append letter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry No. ( 267/5/9/3010 /ع) dated ( 13/04/1435) where it is included on all companies that disclose the transfer of the entire amount that has been disclosed to the warehouses of the squarescustoms for export outside the Kingdom with the importance of commitment to attach information of import (Picture of the customs declaration , invoice, certificate of origin ) within a deadline of the end ( 05/26/1435) , with a note that the system of combating commercial fraud, provided that the acquisition of the product non- conformity with the specifications and standardsis contrary to the provisions of the rules , it follows that in all cases, damaging the product or dispose of it in an appropriate manner at the expense of the violator .
         Therefore, the ministry will end after ( 05/26/1435) the tours for the warehouse to verify the completion of the export process in the case of any amounts found in violation are not re-exported , it will be confiscated and destroyed at their expense , in addition to the completion of the statutory procedures , as outlined in the fight againstcommercial fraud .
         The Council hopes from stakeholders and interested parties to abide by what was stated in the letter of the ministry and coordination directly and urgently with the director general of laboratories and quality control engineer / Habib bin Mohammed Samad on the phone number (0114121446) Fax number (0114022539) , also can communicate via e-mail(Hasamad@mci.gov.sa).​

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