• Inform the concerned parties and guide their opinion when preparing, updating and adopting the specifications of food products


    Respected/ food sector


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you about receiving the letter of the Saudi Chamber Council No. 2318 dated 21/8/1439, which referred to the letter of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority No. (48321 / p) dated (20/8/1438). It is to inform the relevant parties and guide their opinion in the preparation, updating and adoption of specifications of food products, feed and pesticides because of the importance in overcoming any technical obstacles during application, as the food sector prepares, updates and adopts the specifications of food, feed and pesticide products.


    Accordingly, the Authority would like the concerned parties to submit their views on the draft specifications through the Authority's website and to subscribe to the project publication newsletter on the website by registering the e-mail on the link below. This service allows notification of the participants to the draft specifications and the request to submit the views.


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