• Impose a temporary ban on the import of poultry meat and eggs and their products from British Columbia


    The EastChamber present itscompliments, this is to inform you about a letter from theCouncil of Saudi Chambersnumber(8933/ع) dated(13/03/1436)referreditto the WorldOrganization for Animal HealthReport(OIE)number(16796) and the date(02/27/1436)(12/19/2014)which emphasizesinventoryoutpostsepidemiologicalnumber(11),the focusof bird fluhighpathogenicstrain(H5N2)in theprovince of British Columbia(British Columbia)in the State ofCanada,hasissuedthe Authority's decisionNo. (44/36)dated(9/3/1436),the judgeimposeda temporaryban on the importof poultry meatandeggsandtheir productsof theprovince of British Columbia(British Columbia)in the State ofCanada,because ofthe emergence ofhigh-pathogenicwherebird fluwith the exception ofthe temporaryban onpoultry meatandeggsandtheir productsheattreatment orany other waycapable oferadicatingbird flu virus,to bein conformity with therequirements of thehealthcontrolsand standards-based,and attacha health certificateto provethat the product istreated thermallyorin any other waycapable oferadicatingthe avian influenza virus,and beissued by thecompetent official authoritiesin the StateCanada,andcontinues tothistemporary banuntil thestability ofthe health statusof livestockin it.​

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