• Gulf carriers not committed to provide confirmed bookings for transportation of passengers


    The EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you that we received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambersnumber(ل.و/ل.ب/ 560) dated(02/17/1436e),referreditto theletter ofthe Federation of Chambersof the Gulf CooperationCouncil (GCC)on(02/02/1436Hcorresponding to11/24/2014AD), containing theletterof the GeneralSecretariat of theGulf Cooperation Councilwhich is beneficialto receivea letter fromthe Ministry of Finance(Generalcustoms Department)Kingdom,regarding the lack ofsome Gulfcarrierscommitment to provideconfirmed bookingsto transport passengerstotheir destinations,and leave themfor a long timethe port ofDubawithoutthe provision of accommodationand subsistencefor themwhile waitingfor shipsto take themto their home countries.
         Accordingly,the Councilstatingspecialistsactivelytransporting passengers, "he would notbe allowed tobusescarryingpassengerscomingof the Kingdom ofintent totransitthrough the port ofDubaonly afterproving the existence ofthe Commissionerin thekingdomto managestransportactivityon their behalf,andbear allthe consequences ofthem, andthe meansoftheirtransportationobligations,and that theCommissionerwritestheirnameand addressto detectpassengersdeportationissuedby them. "​

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