• Fund's objective to support the rehabilitation efforts of the national workforce and employment in the private sector throu


          The Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received the letter  by the human resources development Fund (aim) (35/0/13379) dated (9 -7- 1435), containing the target fund ' to support the efforts of national manpower training and employment in the private sector through several programs, UNFPA recently launched a reward program fees for the settlement of private sector enterprises as part of the initiative ' because you Can ' first program was launched to reward businesses that contributed to the employment of Saudis and raise their salaries to cover the following:-Bonus structures in yellow and green bands and Platinum to employ Saudi citizens. -Bonus structures in yellow and green bands and Platinum when growth of gross payroll for Saudi employees. -Stimulating the private sector to move toward more localization.
    The program stipend for installations in yellow and green and Platinum, based on a certain percentage of salaries paid to Saudi employees enrolled in social insurance, and bonus increases with the growth of salaries from one period to the other and improve the scope of the Treaty, so that the bonus is calculated on the basis of measuring changes in salaries, and so qualified for this program than (80.000) facility in firms supported or not supported by the Fund for the year 2013. So the Fund hopes to ' goal ' of all private sector enterprises on the program's website (www.tegdar.sa) and the verification of their eligibility for this bonus before the end of the registration period on Monday 24 Ramadan 1435 Ah July 21, 2014.​

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