• For some services, according to the tax rates set by the system and its executive


    The  East Chamber  presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter from the Department of Zakat and Income Number ( 316/350/1435 ) dated ( 22/06/143 ) , containing keen interest to facilitate the procedures for the shipping agents and end their status as soon as possible within the framework of a structured guaranteed not to disrupt their interests ,According to the article ( Sixty-eighth ) of the income Tax issued by Royal Decree No. (م/ 1 ) dated ( 15/01/1425 ) and Article ( Sixty-third ) of its executive regulations and amended by Ministerial Decree No. ( 185/1709 ) dated (23 /7/1426 ) , stating tax should be deducted from the amounts paid to non-resident entities from a source in Saudi Arabia to meet with some of the services , according to the tax rates set by the system and its implementing regulations .
         As the non-compliance with the instructions issued may expose them to fines peer backwardness in the filing and payment of tax deduction at the times specified system or a fine of fraud in accordance with Article ( seventy-seventh ) of the tax system , and article ( Sixty-ninth ) of its executive regulations , the interest hopes to alert the agentsto fill out forms and submit monthly deduction and payment of reality in a timely manner , taking into account the following:
    1 - assembling shipments for each month separately and presented in detecting includes all the data.
    2 - Completion of all sample data monthly deduction number (ق / 7) and the annual deduction model number (ق / 8).
         The Commission hopes everybody to work as stated and stress in all shipping agents to adhere to the provisions of income tax system and its implementing regulations subject to the provisions of this discourse , that branch is reviewing the file of interest competent agent zakat tax .​

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