• Facilities that are qualified to provide truck management and tracking services



    To / Corporations and road transport companies



          Asharqia Chamber presents you with the best greetings and would like to inform you of the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / L / 1801) and the date (18/7/1440), which referred to the letter of the Public Transport Authority No. (13070-40-001) dated (13/7/1440) about No. (6) of Article (5) and (24) of the regulation governing the movement of cargo and cargo brokers and the leasing of trucks on land roads with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Authority No. (43/9/39) dated (15/9/1439) with regard to the requirements for obtaining a license to carry out the activity of the transport of goods and the activity of renting trucks, which provided for "link to the electronic platform."

    The provisions of paragraph (1 / f) of Article (12) of the regulation stipulating that "the association with an automated tracking service provider qualified by the Authority to connect to the platform of the Authority."

    According to the Authority, in their letter referred to above, it has rehabilitated a number of facilities for the installation of truck tracking devices and weight measurement in order to enable carriers to link to the electronic platform through them.


     Therefore, starting from (1/4/2019) that all registered trucks (general transport / special transport) with a total weight of more than (3500) kg will not be allowed to issue the operating cards or renewal of existing without installation of these devices and link to the platform of the body through qualified service providers.


         Therefore, the Council hopes the concerned carriers to comply with this, as the list of eligible facilities to provide the service of management and tracking of trucks and control the weights could be found through the official website (www.pta.gov.sa).

    The list will be updated upon the qualification of new facilities.​

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