• Engaging in tourism activities without a license.


    Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber extends its warmest greetings to you and informs you of receiving a letter from the Saudi Chambers Union numbered (45104304) dated (18/9/1445 AH). The letter refers to the receipt of a letter from the Ministry of Tourism numbered (1445/14327) dated (26/8/1445 AH), which indicates that based on the Tourism Law issued by Royal Decree number (M/18) dated (26/1/144 AH), paragraph (1) of Article (2) states, "A necessary license or permit from the ministry must be obtained before engaging in any tourism activities, according to the regulations."

    Among these tourism activities is the operation of tourist accommodation facilities. To ensure the enforcement of relevant regulations and to encourage licensed tourist accommodation facilities to enhance the quality of services provided to tourists and visitors, the Ministry hopes to advise businessmen and investors not to engage in activities without obtaining the necessary license to avoid facing legal penalties for violations.

    Licensed facilities can be verified through the electronic services provided on the Ministry's official website (http://go.ac.sa/44j ).


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