• Emphasizing the regulations controlling the release of chemicals and not allowing them to be dumped in warehouses and customs yards


    ​Gentlemen / importers of chemicals products


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you about receiving a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / L / 2283) dated 16/8/1436, which referred to the letter of the General Authority of Customs No. (147387 - 39 - 184) dated (8/8/1439). It is surrounded by the general discourse no. (104/43/ m) dated (24/3/1439). It is directed to all customs ports to ensure that the regulations governing the release of chemicals by not to allow them to be unloaded in the warehouses and customs yards, to return them immediately through transporting them in the event that it was received without prior permission to import them. So that customs do not bear responsibility for what may happen because of their stay in warehouses and customs yards.

    Therefore, all customs clearance agents, importers and concerned parties-in this regard- must not carry the shipment of chemicals described before obtaining the necessary import permission, and will not be allowed to unload in the yards and customs warehouses in the event received without the prior permission to import it. Navigation agents would bear any responsibilities may result from the violation of this regard.

    For more information and for the industrial chemical safety list, visit www.chamber.org.sa. ​

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