• Complaints from some owners of private recruitment offices


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ل.و/ع.س/406) dated (12/2/1435) containing that the National Committee for international recruitment Council received complaints from some owners of private recruitment offices reported that they had signed contracts with the offices of the Republic of Kenya, and adopted the Saudi Consulate in Nairobi to address the Council of Saudi Chambers, the offices of Kenya after getting the card and PIN began haggling Saudi offices in amounts more than that agreed in the contract, The Commission negotiate with others, taking advantage of the card and the PIN, leaving the first Saudi Office which registered the Embassy as if taken by a bridge to get a card and PIN, the Committee also noted the failure of the Kenya Office obligations and delay implementation of the visa, which has embarrassed the Saudi Office employers, causing for the Office suspensions is not his fault.
    So they National Commission for recruitment report by the Board that a letter of credit will be given for any Kenyan Embassy did not attend the scene of the first Saudi agent contracted met its commitment to all the contractual obligations between the parties, and the Commission hopes Saudi offices provide the Committee with all the Kenyan offices to sign a contract with the Saudi Office and then refuse to deal with him, or that violate their obligations, was addressing the Foreign Ministry to the Embassy in Nairobi did not accept the authorizations provided by KIPO, or agencies, or Members, unless there is a letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers according to the accreditation and registration process of engagement between the parties, because the Kenyan offices cannot meet its obligations for more than two, it would not be allowed to add a third Saudi Office, but will allow Saudi Office to adds third Kenny Office.​

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