• Commercial freight traffic at land ports, and commercial traffic control mechanisms


    ​Dears/ Members of the Chamber 


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards, and informs you that it has received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (L / L / 1684) Dated (9/08/1441), a reference to the telegram of His Excellency the Minister of Commerce No. (25735) and the date (7/8/1441 AH), Contained that, within the framework of the precautionary measures necessary to ensure that the new Corona Virus does not transfer to the Kingdom and limit its spread, referred to in the generous High Order No. (47075) and the date (6/8/1441) referred to in the Holy High Order No. (46009) dated 28/ 7/1441.

    Concerning the movement of commercial freight at land ports, the mechanisms of controlling commercial movement, the entry of drivers of cargo trucks to the Kingdom and those who pass through them to other countries (transit), and the kind and generous approval of the recommendations of the relevant committee and guidance to complete what is necessary regarding a number of recommendations, including the following:

    First: Emphasizing on all merchants, exporters, and carriers the importance of relying on maritime and air transport, and that land transport be within the limits of the utmost necessity.​

    Second: Obliging foreign truck drivers to obtain the necessary visas to enter the Kingdom through the Kingdom’s embassies and consulates abroad before arriving at Saudi ports, while permitting the issuance of these visas to drivers of cargo trucks, whether directed by the Kingdom or that will pass through the Kingdom “transit” in the land ports with the countries in which the offices that the Kingdom's embassies deal with abroad are closed due to the precautionary decisions of these countries.

    Third: Limiting transit shipments through the Kingdom's land ports is limited to trucks transporting basic commodities exclusively, including (food - medicine - and medical supplies and relief).

    Fourth: The drivers of (transit) trucks are given a period of no more than (96) hours to leave the Kingdom, starting from the time they enter it, and financial fines are imposed on anyone who violates this.

    Fifth: Allowing the entry of goods into which the Kingdom is its final destination through all land ports.

    Sixth: It is required to allow trucks to enter through the land ports to fulfill the precautionary determined by the Ministry of Health.

    Seventh: Obliging importers and transport companies to prepare and equip when transporting their goods in the land outlets by exchanging drivers or replacing truck heads when transporting goods in the wild outlet in the Kingdom within a week from its date. Excludes (basic commodities, including food - and medicine - and medical supplies and relief).

    Sincerely Regard



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