• Assign fast-food restaurants to put labels that show the content of meals, nutrients, and calories


    Gentlemen / owners of food chains


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best greetings, and would like to inform you about receiving a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (1819) dated 26/6/1439. It referred to the Council's receipt of the letter of the Saudi Food and Drugs Authority No. 31467 / AD dated 24/6/1439, regarding following the guidance of the High Commissioner in a telegram of His Excellency the President of the Royal Court No. (59098) dated (22/12/1438). This telegram requested to take the necessary actions in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to inquire fast food restaurants to place posters that show the content of meals, nutrients, and calories.

    The Authority would like to enhance the health and safety of the consumers, increase the awareness of their food and the importance of his knowledge of the nutritional value of meals and beverages offered in restaurants and cafes, especially in light of the increase in demand. Therefore, the customers would be helped in the selection of meals suitable for him, such as a meal with a low calorie content, and avoid meals and beverages with high calorie content.

    The Saudi Food and Drug Authority through following the implementation of Supreme the guidance would like to inform the chain owners of food establishments that provide food to the consumer outside the home to adhere in providing meals content of nutrients and calorie restriction on menus.​

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