• As noted by the Commission with respect to the responses of companies and institutions or inquiries to the registration req


         The Chamber presents its compliments ,this is to inform you that we received a Saudi Chamber Council letter (ش.غ/1927) dated (29/6/1435), which referred to a Saudi food and drug authority (26104/ع(ص)) (23/6/1435) on the circulation of the body (26104/ع) dated (23/6/1435 e) containing the note from the commission for corporate and institutional responses or enquiries to the registration requirements of the seder in particular system requirements of quality, bioequivalence, and some companies respond to the only part of it. The Commission wishes to confirm that products will not be accepted or evaluated unless satisfied responses to all requirements submitted in application, it is mentioned in the registration Guide (n 4) on pages 19, 20 in part (Inquiries)​

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