• Approving the form of the responsibilities of the industrial safety and security in ministries and government departments


    ​                Asharqia Chamber presents its regards and informs you of the letter of the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training No. (24574) date (9/2/1439) and the reference to the speech of His Excellency the Director General of the Business Center supervising the Center for Community Service and Continuing Training No. (22008) dated (4/2/1439 AH), based on letter His Excellency the Assistant Director General of the Civil Defense for Safety No. (14623) date 28/5/1437 on the decision of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior No. 10 / K / 2 / D / P date 24/4 / 1410H. To approve the wording of the list of responsibilities of the person concerned with the work of safety and industrial security in the ministries and government departments and entities with public moral personality and institutions, and where the list requires the authorities referred to Article (4) of the first section appoints or appoints members of its employees to take over the work of industrial safety and security, fire and rescue, to be experienced and competent in the practice of these works. Since the General Directorate of Civil Defense seeks to raise the efficiency and qualification of safety officials in the aforementioned authorities, Specialized courses in this aspect. The General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training represented by the Community Service Center will carry out these courses in accordance with the request of the Directorate General of the Civil Defense for a period of three weeks, two courses a week as shown at a cost of 250 riyals per trainee.

    For further information and inquiries, please visit the website of the business center at https://ctc.tvtc.gov.sa or contact Mr. Alaa Al Arfaj (8610968, 111), Mr. Abdul Ghani Al-Mahoozi (8610968, 113)

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