• Approving the assessment of damages and incurred by the rental vehicles


    Gentlemen/ Members of the chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (42503354) and the date (8/19/1442) concerning the subsequent letter (LW / L / 2011) and the date (4/11/1441) Concerning the letter of His Excellency the President of the Public Transport Authority No.(4228/41/1) Damages resulting from non-traffic accidents, misuse, or consumption. The facility licensed to practice the activity is obligated to estimate the damage to the car through the assessment body approved by the authority, provided that the person who causes the damage bears the cost of the results of the examination and assessment. Based on the authority’s letter, approving technical centers to assess the damages incurred by rental vehicles resulting from non-traffic accidents, misuse, or consumption in each of (Riyadh City - Jeddah Governorate - Khobar Governorate) under the terms and standards renewed for the evaluation process.

    Therefore, the Council informs you that the Public Transport Authority, in coordination with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents, in an effort by the Authority to raise the quality of services provided in the sector, and preserve the rights of the parties to the lease contract, by providing a vehicle damage assessment service in all regions of the Kingdom. Damage in the following cities: (Dammam - Medina - Al-Ahsa Governorate - Abha City).

    Accordingly, the Council hopes that concerned investors with specialization in the activity of car rental and leasing brokers will approve the assessment of damages incurred by rental vehicles through approved centers to estimate the damage resulting from non-traffic accidents, if there is a dispute between the parties to the leasing contract of the leased vehicle as a result of assessing the resulting damages Regarding non-traffic accidents, misuse or misuse, noting that the licensed facility must, upon requesting the assessment, attach the following:

    A copy of the vehicle rental contract.
    A copy of the last (3) rental contracts for the vehicle for which the damage is to be assessed.
    A copy of the description of the vehicle's internal and external condition of the vehicle before and after its delivery, and a description of the damage in Arabic and automatically (print).

    All accredited centers and details in this regard can be found by visiting the following link: (http://taqdeer.sa).


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