• Approval of the operation of taxi vehicles in accordance with the arrangements, controls and requirements


    Dears/ Members of the Chamber 


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you of receiving it the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (L /1771) and the date (3/9/1441), referred to in the letter of the General Authority for Transport No. (3595/41/1) and the date (08/25/1441), on the honorable High Order No. (49293) dated (23/8/1441), and referred to in both orders No. (45524) on (25/7/1441) regarding suspending the activity of passenger transport by taxi for a period of (14) days, And that the activity of passenger transport is limited to private cars that work with applications, and order No. (46858) dated (5/8/1441) issued regarding the extension of work with order No. (45524) dated (25/7/1441) until further notice.​

    Whereas, the High Royal Decree No. (49293) dated (23/8/1441) referred to above, including approval of the work of taxis in accordance with the arrangements described below, during the period of permitting the provision of passenger transport service, as well as approval of its work with delivery applications during a pandemic period Corona as an exceptional case, in all cities, according to the conditions and requirements set by the authorities that are currently organizing this activity.

    Accordingly, the Council would like to inform you of the following:

    First: Operational controls and requirements related to the operation of public taxis with applications during periods of permitting the provision of passenger transport in some cities and governorates.

    A / General taxi operating controls:

    1- Operating licensed public taxis only.

    2- It is strictly forbidden to wander around to search for passengers and wait in parking until a request is received.

    3- Work with applications licensed by the Public Transportation Authority.

    4- In order to prevent roaming and to facilitate the adjustment process, "the service data must be sent in real-time to the platform connected by the application.

    5- Public taxis are not allowed to operate during times of curfew.

    B / Conditions for taxis:

    1. The facility is committed to guiding vehicles by ensuring the availability of commitments before the car registration.​

    2. facilities and members of the fare is committed to working only with licensed applications.

    With the necessity of the commitment of public taxi establishments and individuals to work in accordance with the preventive guideline for the new Corona Virus (Covid 19) for taxis and delivery and transport services companies issued by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control “prevention”, knowing that the security authorities will follow all of the above Of controls and requirements for operating and precaution and the application of statutory penalties against violators.

    For more information, you can visit the Chamber's website: (www.chamber.org.sa).

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