• Amendment of Article III of Implementing Regulations of the Commercial Agencies


     The  Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we receive the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (No.ش.غ/380) dated  (3/2/1436 e), referred to the letter of the Ministry of trade and industry (No. 267/9/3/227/ع) today (18/1/1436 ), containing the decision of the Minister of Commerce and industry (No. 817) dated (24 -8- 1435 ) amended article 3 of the regulations for commercial agencies to become with the following text (the agent and distributor shall provide the necessary maintenance and quality assurance for manufacture and conditions established by the producers and be part of the regulation Executive Agency system).      Whereas these provisions became enforceable on (15/11/1435) Ministry hopes the commitment to implement the provisions referred to taking the Ministry will hold the first workshop for car dealers and agents, electrical and electronics, to explain and clarify the application of the provisions referred to and will determine later.​

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