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    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards, and informs you that it has received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (PG / 1818) and the date (9/11/1441) and referred to in the letter of the General Authority of Customs No. (074047-41-184) and the date (7/9/1441) Concerning the unified customs (law) system issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 41) dated (11/23/1423), which stipulates the necessity to abide by the applicable legislation and to pay customs duties and taxes completely and not to exceed the provisions of prevention and restrictions contained therein and the financial penalties And others, which reach three years imprisonment in case of violating the provisions of this system and applied to violators according to the rules referred to in Article (145) thereof, and Believing from the General Customs Authority the importance of providing the conditions that improve and enhance the level of customs commitment to customs partners and customers in the business and investment sector, the General Authority of Customs launched on Wednesday 6 Jumada I 1441 corresponding to January 1, 2020 initiative (self-correction) of customs data and for a period of 6 months only to allow establishments The imported commercial company has the ability to correct their customs data to avoid any penalties resulting from the inaccuracy of the data submitted to the authority.

    Based on the foregoing, the General Authority of Customs emphasizes the necessity of reviewing the details of the self-correction initiative and seizing the opportunity to correct the customs data that did not fully pay the customs duties and taxes due on it or any violations of the provisions of prevention and restriction, through the program page on the authority’s website https://www.customs.gov.sa/ar/AAP, as failure to correct during the initiative period and proving the existence of any violations will expose the establishment to penalties according to the nature of the violation, and if classified as evading all or some of the customs fees and taxes or violating the rules of prevention and restriction the punishment may reach three times the value of the shipment and the confiscation of goods or the equivalent value, and the penalty may be increased to imprisonment for a period of no less than a month and not more than a year, and if it is classified as violations that do not amount to customs evasion, the difference in fees and taxes will be met with imposing a fine according to the unified customs system Its executive regulations, and this is what will be applied in the event that smuggling or violations are discovered after its expiry the initiative​​.

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