• About increasing domestic accidents due to improper use of the devices and the presence of some of the products not conform


    The Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (Noش.غ/2509) dated (1/9/1435), referred to the letter of the Ministry of trade and industry (No. 267/9/1/5734/ع) dated (1435/8/24) containing the received Ministry telegram President Royal and private Secretary to the custodian No. (28655) dated (20/7/1435 ) on both the high number (2433/م ب) dated (13/3/1431) and number (44975) and date (4/10/1433), about growing domestic accidents due to misuse of devices And certain products contrary to the specifications, and the need to ensure the safety of the imported devices and conform to the standards adopted, where the Ministry said the signing of the agreement on a joint cooperation program between the Ministry and the National Commission for quality supervision and test of People's Republic of China to reduce the flow of counterfeit and adulterated and certainly not to allow imported devices only with a certificate compliant with the withdrawal of samples for testing.
    And as guidance to follow up the implementation of what was agreed with the Chinese side and the verification of safety devices that are being imported for the Kingdom and to conform the standards adopted. The Council of traders and importers hoped to apply the standards adopted by the Kingdom to consumer goods imported or manufactured locally, including hardware and electrical goods.​

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