• A generalization on the bending of the temporary ban on the importing of poultry meat, eggs and their products from the United States


    Sirs / the respected participants of the Chamber

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God


          Asharqia Chamber  present its best regards and inform you of the receipt of the letter of the General Authority for Food and Drug number (37 839 / p (r)) date (21/11/1437 e), and referred it to the World Organization for Animal Health Report ((OIE number (20069) date of 22/4 / 2016 corresponding to 15/07/1437 AH regarding the control of the United States of America on severe bird flu in all states where the disease appeared, the Authority decision number issued (42,784 / s) date of 11/15/1437 AH about the temporary ban on the importing of poultry meat and table eggs and their products from Oregon (Oregon), California (California), Washington (Washington), Idaho (Idaho), Minnesota (Minnestoa), Missouri (Missouri), Kansas (Kansas), Arkansas ( arkansas), Montana (Montana), North Dakota (North Dakota) ,Wisconsin (Wisconsin), Iowa (Iowa), Nebraska (Nebraska) and Indiana (Indiana) in the United States, so as to control the severe bird flue, accredited facilities can be found in the United States for the export of poultry meat and its products to Saudi Arabia, through the committee mail site at the following address for Arabic language:


        The next address is for English language:


        For more information, please visit the Chamber site (www.chamber.org.sa)

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