• A temporary ban on the import of poultry meat and eggs and their products from the Kingdom of the Netherlands


    The EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you that we received aletter ofthe General Authority forFoodNo. (4871ع ص/)dated(02/11/1436),containing thereport thatbased on theWorld Organization for AnimalHealthReport(OIE)number(16535) dated(16/11/2014), corresponding to(01/23/1436e)which statesoutbreaks ofavian flu(H5N8)inpoultry farmsin thearea(Hekendrop, UTRECHT)in theKingdom of the Netherlands, theCommissionissued a decisionNo. (18/36) and the date(3/2/1436AH),the judgeimposeda temporaryban on the importof poultry meatandeggsandtheir productsandTtaghizachmaofarea(Hekendrop, UTRECHT)in theKingdom of the Netherlands, due tothe emergence ofbird flu,whichis excludedfrom the temporaryban onpoultry meatandeggsandtheir productstreatedthermallyorin any other waycapable ofElimination ofthe bird flu virus,to bein conformity with therequirementsand controlshealthand standards-based,and attach ahealth certificateto provethat the product istreated thermallyorin any other waycapable oferadicatingavianbirdsvirus,and beissued by thecompetent official authoritiesin the Netherlands,and continuesthe temporary banwhilethestability of theanimalhealth statusof the Revolutionand the adoption ofexportof poultry meatand productswherefacilities.​

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