• A team from the commission employee's doing field survey using a sample on the economic institutions


    The Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received a letter from Central Department of statistics and information (2181/213/35) dated (22/5/1435), containing that interest search economic indicators during the month of 5- 1435 where a team of employees with field survey will be using the sample enterprises operating in all regions of the Kingdom. 
        This research is part of a series of economic research conducted by the interest of the private sector in order to create a base of statistical data and indicators important for planners and decision makers in the Kingdom.    
    The commission hops from owners and managers and officials of the institutions and companies in cooperation with the law enforcement interest delegates the task of data collection and to respond to them and give them the required data.     
    Note that interest is committed to absolute confidentiality for all the updated data and not used for statistical purposes only in accordance with the Royal Decree authorizing the Central Department of statistics and information power of conducting censuses and statistical research.​

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