• A circular regarding adding a warning phrase to beauty products


    ​Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    The Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (42103622) and the date (9/10/1442), a reference to the letter of the General Authority for Food and Drug No. (24369 / p) and the date (8/26/1442) Including what has been observed about the presence of some cosmetic products that are similar in shape or packaging with food products, for example, some shower products (shower foam), hand soap, some skin peeling products and other products, which leads to difficulty in differentiating between them in children, which may be It results in health risks for them​.

    Accordingly, the Council hopes that all manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products referred to above must adhere to adding the phrase (keep out of reach of children) in clear font within the use warnings mentioned on the product identification card, noting that products that do not contain this phrase will be treated as violating products as of Date (1/1/2022), and statutory penalties will be applied to them.

    sincerely Regard 


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