• A Letter append to an inventory of all the claims of the private sector


    Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (L / 1736) and the date (26/8/1441 ), following the letter No. (L / 1722) and the date (08/22/1441), which includes the reference to A telegram of His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, Chairman of the Commission for Paying the Benefits of the Private Sector No. (26068) and the date (08/21/1441), which included urging all commercial and industrial chambers to quickly raise any claims - at their affiliates - from the fiscal years ending on government agencies in data saved in the form of tables "Excel" explains the name of the contracting government agency, the contract number, date, value, project name, and the amount owed remaining, with an indication of completion of work for whether or not, and whether there are bank guarantees submitted to the government side, and attach images of all supporting documents for the claim.

    Accordingly, and due to the importance of the issue and a desire to accelerate the lifting process, the Council hopes that the Chamber subscribers will raise the request to the government agencies contracted with directly and confirm the attachment of all the rationale for the disbursement in the extracts and follow up on their submission to the Ministry of Finance.​

    Sincerely Regards


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